Customer focused rapid development

Our team has over 23+ years experience in application development using the Agile software development methodology. We can help in any of the areas listed below:

 - Web Services - Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Our team has extensive experience working with enterprise level systems where data needs to be communicated to multiple endpoints. Let us help you design, execute and deploy web services within your company network and/or with your strategic partners to facilitate fast, real-time, synchronous data communications. Utilizing REST and SOAP, you can enable endpoints within your company for any and all systems to communicate data.

 -  Web Application Development
With all this "Cloud" talk we don't forget about traditional web application development. Let us help. Here is a quick sampling of the technologies with which we can assist your business:
Frameworks, Technologies and Database Solutions
  • Java, J2EE, Spring MVC
  • .NET C# Entity Framework
  • Python
  • APEX / Lightning Web Components (LWC) for
  • Client Side Frameworks - VueJS, Angular
  • Database Solutions - MS SQL Server (T-SQL, Stored Procedures)
  • Database Solutions - Oracle (PL/SQL)
  • BIG DATA (NoSQL) Solutions - MongoDB,DynamoDB,Neo4j
  • Web Services - REST, SOAP and overall Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) architecture

 - Database - Procedures and Performance Tuning
Years of working with commercial data stores like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle make us excellent resources for any database design or programming needs (T-SQL and PL/SQL). Additionally, we have expertise in database performance tuning and implementing best practices for getting the best operation of your company's back end systems.
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Consulting Services

We offer contracting and consulting offerings for any project
You need a seasoned team of professionals to implement, manage and maintain today's software applications and services. Depending on scope and scale of your company project, we offer a range of competitive rates to help ensure project or software development success.
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